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The Ultimate Satellite Omni Antenna

The Lindenblad antenna consists of four half wave folded dipoles slanted 30 degrees to the horizon, oriented 90 degrees to each other in azimuth, spaced 0.3 wavelength apart. They are tied together by four half wave 300 ohm
post 04 Oct 2020

The Ultimate Satellite Omni Antenna

Antenna for UHF VHF Links


900 MHz Helical Antenna
I decided to build a pair of helical antennas, one for each circular sense. Helical antennas have broad bandwidth

A 3 element beam Band six meter
Spacing between elements is 34 and 1/2 inches. The elements are 1/2 inch aluminum tubing of 1/16-inch wall thickness

A 5-element beam for Four
All elements are 1/2'' tube,boom is 1'' square tube.driver elements are mounted using plastic dipole centres and are electrically insulated from the boom

A 144 MHz Pocket antenna, F3WM
A dipole fed in his center by a coaxial line. This layout is simple and efficient although the adaptation is not perfect, 50 ohms

Folded dipol for 2 m. and 70 cm