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A variation of the dipole is an antenna called a folded dipole. It radiates like a dipole but sort of looks like a squashed quad
post 19 Feb 2021

Folded Dipole Antenna Links


Dipolo ripiegato per gli 80 metri
Antenna con molta piu' silenziosita', quindi miglior rapporto segnale rumore, molta piu' larghezza di banda

Build your yagi antenna
The construction of an Yagi antenna calculated for the FM broadcasting band 88 - 108 MHz

T-match for vhf -uhf Antennas, SV5BYR
The T-Match with its balanced feed point is one method of feeding a Balanced Dipole

Five simple antennas, 5Z4F
This is a folded dipole that uses 300 Ohm TV twin feed-line throughout. The length L is calculated using standard dipole formulas(468/Frequency in Mhz, for feet, or 143/Frequency in Mhz