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T2FD Antenna

Antenna a copertura continua da usarsi solo in ricezione, ottima per l'ascolto con QRM cittadino e con disturbi atmosferici
post 19 Feb 2021

Folded Dipole Antenna Links


Coaxial Folded Dipole Antenna
you can make a 50 ohm version directly from RG-58 or RG-8 / RG-213 cable

A folded dipole that uses 300 Ohm TV
The length L is calculated using standard dipole formulas 468/Frequency in Mhz, for feet, or 143/Frequency in Mhz for meters with a loss factor of about 2-5% factored in. Two shorting straps are soldered close to the ends at 0.07L, a distance of 0.86L

The Folded Dipole Antenna
A folded dipole is a dipole antenna with the ends folded back around and connected to each other, forming a loop

Half-Wave Dipoles - Feedline VSWR
This program analyses both simple and folded dipoles. Folded dipoles allow a higher impedance and hence lower loss feed line to be used

T-match for vhf -uhf Antennas, SV5BYR
The T-Match with its balanced feed point is one method of feeding a Balanced Dipole