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T2FD folded dipole

a broadband antenna for receiving broadcast stations
post 19 Feb 2021

Folded Dipole Antenna Links


Half-Wave Dipoles - Feedline VSWR
This program analyses both simple and folded dipoles. Folded dipoles allow a higher impedance and hence lower loss feed line to be used

T-match for vhf -uhf Antennas, SV5BYR
The T-Match with its balanced feed point is one method of feeding a Balanced Dipole

Short dipole
The method of Linear-loading is a fancy way of saying fold back on itself It reduces the overall length of an antenna without resorting to loading-coils

2 meter Aluminum Slim Jim Antenna, AC8GY
The Slim Jim is generally characterized as an end-fed vertical folded dipole. As with all end fed dipoles some sort of impedance matching is necessary to keep the SWR down