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VHF UHF SHF antenna

The VHF Quagi


The VHF Quagi

The 2-meter version is usually built on a 14 foot 4.27M 1'' 25mm)x 3'' 75mm boom, with the boom cut down to taper it to one inch 25mm at both ends

The VHF Quagi

Antenna for UHF VHF Links

Antenna HB9CV for 435 Mhz
The HB9CV+3 is a fullfeeded directional antenna with 2 active plus 3 passive elements. One might call this array "HB9CV-Yagi". This adds about 3dBd over a pure HB9CV and eliminates the squint of the classical 2-element HB9CV

Antenna Slim Jim for 70mhz, G0BEQ
This antenna is made from a length of 300-ohm ribbon cable, which makes it easily portable, but you have to devise some method of suspending it!

Antenna system with four polarizations linear and circular, I0JX
At VHF and UHF, hams utilize both linear and circular polarization linear polarization horizontal, vertical is used for normal direct ommunications

Antenna yagi due elementi VHF
Radiatore piu' direttore perchè almeno in teoria mi da circa 5,5 db di guadagno e un rapporto fronteretro pari o superiori ai 15 db

Antenne Helix
The helix antenna is used when a large gain and a circular polarization are required. It is less prevalent on amateur bands than yagi antenna but can make interesting services for satellite traffic