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Antenna 145/435 Mhz portable

This antenna was made on a square wooden 17x17 mm boom, about 1 meter long. The elements are round aluminum diameter 4 mm and length of 1 meter
post 26 Sep 2020

Antenna 145/435 Mhz portable

Antenna for UHF VHF Links


900 MHz Helical Antenna
I decided to build a pair of helical antennas, one for each circular sense. Helical antennas have broad bandwidth

A 3 element beam Band six meter
Spacing between elements is 34 and 1/2 inches. The elements are 1/2 inch aluminum tubing of 1/16-inch wall thickness

A 144 MHz Pocket antenna
A dipole fed in his center by a coaxial line. This layout is simple and efficient although the adaptation is not perfect, 50 ohms

Folded dipol for 2 m. and 70 cm