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Building UHF Antennas

The smooth part of a screwdriver handle makes a good form for bending both the balun and the dipole element
post 25 Sep 2020

Building UHF Antennas

Antenna for UHF VHF Links


A Portable Antenna for Mode B and J Satellites
A 4:1 balun, constructed out of a 1/2 wavelength of RG-58 coax is used to couple the T match to the 50 ohm feedline

A Quadruple Helix for AO-40
16 turn helix antenna for 2.4 GHz by G3RUH. Gain is 15.5 dBic, RHCP. The boom is 1/2 inch square aluminium stock, the helix is 1/8-inch copper wire inner conductor of coax cable

A turnstile antenna for 2-meter ARDF
Designed by Jay Hennigan, WB6RDV, these are the same type of antennas I've been using for about seven years for both championship and practice ARDF These are horizontally polarized omindirectional antennas as specified in the IARU R1 ARDF rules

Antena Direcional para UHF - 430 - 450mhz
The boom should be aluminum and rectangular. The diameter used in the antenna tested for this project was 2x2 cm and the total length was 1.80 meters

Antenna for 2m and 70cm
Small antenna for 2m and 70cm, after using it you can roll-up the antenna, very nice on holidays