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80m Antenna

Antenna dipole 40 80M

Antenna dipole 40 80M

Antenna for 40 and 80 meters long 23 meters
post 05 Apr 2020

Antenna dipole 40 80M

Antenna 80 meter Links

80m Band Top using 2 elevated radials
The TLV80 antenna is mounted on a Fiberglas Teleskop Mast Height of mast is 8 meters

80 m 3/4 wave LLV, KE4UYP
The left Vertical wire is 180 degrees out of phase with the middle and right Vertical wire

Dipolo rotativo delta para 80 metros, EA5JK
The rotating dipole for 80 meters has a length of 20 meters, its weight reaches 20kg

The 80m 2el. Yagi project, HA8RM
Tube parts on the ground. 10m long, 90 mm OD Aluminium pipe boom and the elements

80m Inverted-L Base-loaded for 160m, M0EZP
Inverted-L configuration seemed the best approach and the answer was inspired by G4EIE