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Beverage Antenna

L'antenne Beverage per le bande basse

L'antenne Beverage per le bande basse

Indubbiamente la Beverage rimane sempre la piĆ¹ classica e migliore delle antenne per la ricezione sulle bande basse
post 28 Jul 2020

Antenna Beverage Links

Build a Basic Beverage Antenna
A Beverage antenna is probably one of the simplest and cheapest antennas one can build but it does have one-draw back in that you need a lot of space or a very long thin garden

DX Engineering Reversible Beveraage Antenna at, W3YY
This antenna system, designed by W8JI, is a two-wire beverage antenna system that allows you to switch directions electronically or simultaneously receive in both directions by using two transmission lines

Ideas For Enhanced Beverage Antenna Performance, WW2Y
A single wire Beverage is typically a wire 1/2 to 3 wavelengths long, and 6 to 10 feet high

L antenne Beverage
Antenne Beverage for F2DX