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Beverage Antenna

Reversible Beverage Array

Reversible Beverage Array

My Beverage array to help others build same kind of installation

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L'antenna beverage per le bande basse
Indubbiamente la Beverage rimane sempre la piĆ¹ classica e migliore delle antenne per la ricezione sulle bande basse

L'antenne Beverage
This antenna, used only for reception because of its very low efficiency, looks like a long-wire antenna fed at one end by a tuning box and loaded at its other end by a non-inductive resistance

Low Band Receiving Antenna Comparisons, K7TJR
K9AY loop antenna my observation is many people build this antenna and fiddle with the termination resistor to try for the ultimate noise

Phased Beverages, CN2R
In November 2007, the EU-SA and the NA-AF beverages were converted to staggered phased beverages