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Beverage Antenna

Remote Termination of Beverage and Ewe Antennas

Remote Termination of Beverage and Ewe Antennas

This is a variation on the approach taken by Steve Byan in his remote Beverage termination article
post 28 Jul 2020

Antenna Beverage Links

Reversible Beverage Array at, OH2BEN
My Beverage array to help others build same kind of installation

Short beverage 623feet 190 mt in 26 mt, I1WQR
La radio senza un'antenna adeguata e' come una macchina senza il motore,belle parole vero!

Short Beverage, K3KY
II had written off the possibility of having Beverage antennas for the low bands, however, because the longest side of the yard is only 216 feet long

Staggered Beverage
A 300m beverage has a nice small front lobe but its F/B ratio is not really good, an EWE outperforms it easily but unfortunately has a broad front lobe. Desirable is a combination of both

Single Wire Beverage Antenna, ZL1RS
Keep in mind that this Beverage antenna is for receiving weak signals from one general direction on frequencies between 7 and 22 MHz, and has been designed, sized and erected accordingly