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Beverage Antenna

Staggered Beverage

Staggered Beverage

A 300m beverage has a nice small front lobe but its F/B ratio is not really good, an EWE outperforms it easily but unfortunately has a broad front lobe. Desirable is a combination of both
post 29 Jul 2020

Antenna Beverage Links

Six Beverage antenna switch
Multi-multi contest operation, 3 low band stations, one on 160m, another on 80m and one on 40m

The Benchmark Beverage
The Beverage antenna is one of the earliest and most effective low frequency receiving antennas

The Evolution of a 160m Inverted-L, W4KAZ
The whole idea of operating on 160m started as curiosity. Before 2005 I had never operated on 160m