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Beverage Antenna

Ideas For Enhanced Beverage Antenna Performance

Ideas For Enhanced Beverage Antenna Performance

A single wire Beverage is typically a wire 1/2 to 3 wavelengths long, and 6 to 10 feet high
post 30 Jul 2020

Antenna Beverage Links

Beverage Antenna Transformers, K1FZ
Keep Beverage wire ends away from towers, that can re-radiate signals, even if they are not used as transmit verticals

Beverage Antenna Designs, KW2P
Most of us don’t have the necessary 80 acres of land so the feedpoints to our Beverages often end up far away and must be fed through long runs of coaxial cable

Beverage Antenna, W7VO
The Beverage we use is a DX Engineering RPS-1 dual directional 360 foot 109,7 m, oriented due North/South, six feet 1,8 m off the ground

Beverage Antennas, K1TTT
I am using 3 two wire Beverage antennas from a design in the ON4UN Low Band DXing book. These antennas give two directions at a time which provides 6 directions of coverage