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Beverage Antenna

Beverage antenna preamplifier finished

Beverage antenna preamplifier finished

The beverage antenna preamplifier, with 9:1 transformer is based on the W8JI's recommodations. It is wound on the tree binocular ferrite cores BN73-202
post 30 Jul 2020

Antenna Beverage Links

Phased Beverages, ZL1RS
This Beverage antenna is for receiving weak signals from one general direction on frequencies between 7 and 22 MHz, and has been designed, sized and erected accordingly

Piccolo esempio di Beverage, I4EWH
Questa e' una delle due estremita' di una Beverage, Si tratta di un' antenna per sola ricezione

Remote Controlled QTH - Beverages 560mt long
I have been using the Beverage antennas in star configuration each cca 400m long on my remote controlled QTH for receptio

Remote Termination of Beverage and Ewe Antennas
This is a variation on the approach taken by Steve Byan in his remote Beverage termination article

Remote-Controlled Termination Beverage Antenna
Shows the overall set-up if using a twisted pair Beverage or Ewe antenna