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Beverage Antenna

Beverage switch-box

Beverage switch-box

A Beverage system for portable use. The designe goal was to switch between 4 single Beverage antennas without interfering on the other receiving stations
post 31 Jul 2020

Antenna Beverage Links

Antenna beverage Coassiale, I0KTE
La Beverage e' stata ed ancora e' un antenna molto usata sia in ambito civile che militare

Beverage Antenna Construction
I always thought the longer the antenna, the better the pickup. was fascinated by the distant AM broadcast, lower shortwave, and 160-meter signals

Beverage antenna preamplifier finished, MC0SHL
I have finished the beverage antenna preamplifier. The 9:1 transformer is based on the W8JI’s recommodations. It is wound on the tree binocular ferrite cores BN73-202

Beverage Antenna Components
The Beverage Antenna is a relatively inexpensive but very effective long wire receiving antenna used by amateur radio, shortwave listening, and longwave radio DXers and military applications