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J-Pole The simplest best FM antenna in the world

Mount the antenna as high as possible
post 28 Sep 2020
J-Pole The simplest best FM antenna in the world

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Dual band slim jim antenna, AC8GY
The Slim Jim is usually characterized as an end-fed vertical folded dipole. End fed dipoles have a high impedance at the feed point

J-pole 144, IK5WWG
L'antenna cosi' realizzata risuona a circa 145 Mhz con un ROS di 1-1.1 e una larghezza di banda (ROS 1,5) di circa 8 MHz

J-Pole Antenna Plans
The J-Pole antenna is fundamentally an end-fed 1/2-wavelength antenna that uses a 1/4-wavelength long transformer section to supply the very high feed voltage

J-Pole Antenna, W4ZT
The connection point of the coax on the twinlead was found experimentally

J-Pole Antennas for 2 Meters, N6VGN
Two types of 2 meter J-Pole antennas, one made of copper pipe and a roll-up J-pole made of TV twin lead