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J-Pole antennas for 2m-40m with Wireman-cable

The picture shows the scheme of a J-Pole antenna. The high impedance feeding point of a lambda/2-wire
post 28 Sep 2020

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J-POLE per i 144 MHz, IZ0ONL
From the analysis of the structure the j-pole is the direct consequence of Zeppelin with the radiator rotated 90 degrees

Coax J-Pol-Enkel J-Pole-Dobbel J-Pole
The J-Pole antenna has its name from the letter J, as it resembles a J.This is a very good round-beam antenna for VHF and UHF, but in practice it becomes too short for the shortwave area.

J-Pole Construction Drawings
2 meter j-pole part assembly

J-Pole Antenna Design
Design your J Pole for hf,2 meters, 220, 440 and up

Building A 2-meter J-Pole Antenna
So this J-pole is made for 146 Mhz so all of the lengths pertain to that frequency