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J-Pole for VHF/UHF

post 28 Sep 2020

J-Pole for VHF/UHF

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Antenna Theory, K9ERG
J-Pole antenna, in this Another approach to the problem is the design, the antenna is elevated at least 1/4 wavelength above ground, thus eliminating the ground losses

Antenna J-Pole per i 430 MHz, IZ1LRB
L'antenna e' stata calcolata per il centro banda a 432 Mhz lunghezza d'onda 0,69 Lambda

Build a 5/8 Wave Colinear J Pole Antenna
12 AWG solid copper wire, a section of plexi-glass sheet, some zip ties and a fishing pole I have a great emergency antenna for 2 meters

Coax J-Pol-Enkel J-Pole-Dobbel J-Pole
This is a very good radiant antenna for VHF and UHF, but in practice becomes too long for the shortwave area

Compact Full Sized J-Pole, KA7AX
I propped it up in the living room and put it on the air with 45 watts. My worst SWR is 1.6 and that’s in the very top of 2 meter