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2m-70cm antennas super jpole

post 28 Sep 2020
2m-70cm antennas super jpole

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2m-70cm antennas super jpole, VE3ELB
Frequency 144 MHz, 1,417 meters 4 feet ,7.79 inches - Frequency 440 MHz,0,463 meters, 1 feef, 6,26 inches

A 6m J-Pole Antenna using Ribbon Cable, G4AON
The antenna shown here includes a coaxial cable choke feed to remove RF currents from flowing on the outer of the cable

Simple 50MHz-J-Pole-Antenna, DK7ZB
The bandwidth for a SWR 1,5 is greater than 1 MHz. The gain and pattern are the same as with a normal vertical dipole

Jpole Bibanda per i 2metri e i 70cm
Angolo di radiazione piuttosto alto, e' una antenna omnidirezionale utilizzabile anche per il traffico sui satelliti

A J-pole half-wave vertical for Four