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Antenna VHF tipo JPOLE

Il funzionamento e' molto simile a quello delle cosiddette J-Pole. La parte superiore, della lunghezza di mezza onda, costituisce la parte radiante
post 28 Sep 2020

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Antenna Theory, K9ERG
Another approach to the problem is the "J-Pole" antenna. In this design, the antenna is elevated at least 1/4 wavelength above ground, thus eliminating the ground losses and "normalizing" the radiation pattern. The Impedance matching between the low impedance feed line and the high impedance of the end of the dipole

J-pole antenna costruzione
Calcolatore per antenna j-pole

J-Pole antenna, WD4JR
Jpole with standard 300 ohm twin lead tv cable

J-Pole Construction Drawings

Antenna j-pole Bibanda vhf - uhf, IZ0UPS