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A 6m J-Pole Antenna using Ribbon Cable

J-Pole antennas are ribbon cable antennas for the 2m band, or quite elaborate copper/aluminium tube versions for 6 metres
post 28 Sep 2020
A 6m J-Pole Antenna using Ribbon Cable

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Portable Aerial based on the 'Slim Jim', 3/4 wave End Fed Vertical
Here's a cute aerial for portable operation. It's a modified Slim Jim end fed aerial made out of 300-ohm ribbon feeder cable

J-Pole double header
the J-pole antenna has been around for many years, in one form or another. It is a derivative of an end fed Hertz antenna

Realizzazione di una antenna J-POLE VHF UHF
In both VHF and UHF the SWR is about 1: 1 on the portion of band that interests me

Slim JIM 145mhz, F1RFM
The Slim Jim designed by the late Fred Judd G2BCX can be a great portable

A 6m J-Pole Antenna using Ribbon Cable, G4AON
These antennas were quite popular at one time