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J-Pole Construction Drawings

post 28 Sep 2020
J-Pole Construction Drawings

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Build a J-Pole Antenna
If the antenna is six meters long, the length of the wire should be approximately 10 to 12 inches long. If our antenna is two meters long, the length of the wire will be 8 inches less overall

Building A 2-meter J-Pole Antenna
this J-pole is made for 146 Mhz so all of the lengths pertain to that frequency. It holds a perfect tune throughout the band

Design your Own Super J-Pole
calculating the lengths of tubing to be used for the construction of a Super J-Pole. The antenna I constructed was made of 1/2" tubing

Emergency J-Pole Antenna
This is made from the old flat TV antenna wire

J pole antenna per 50 Mhz, IK1ZOY
Si tratta come da titolo di una canna da pesca lunga m.4,5. in configurazione jpole per i 50 Mhz