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Calculator Antenna quad


Calculator Antenna quad

Calulator for quad 2 element quand for 27 MHz antenna

Calculator Antenna quad

Antenna CB 27 MHz Links

3 element yagi for 11meter, I1WQR
Antenna with control swr system Harpin gamma match

Yagi due progetti per gli 11m
Yagi 4 elements for 27 MHz

Dipolo filare con balun per 27 mHz
dipole centering on channel 20 CB or 27.205 mHz and using a 4 mm copper braid, from the above mentioned formula we get 150 x 0.965 / 27.205 = 5.32 meters

Hentenna freq 27.500
Hentanna is that if it is mounted horizontally, the resulting RF field is vertically polarized and vice versa

Antenna HB9CV27
Antenna For 27.5 Mhz:lambda=10.9091 m 1/2 lambda/100=5.5