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Vertical Antenna

Antenna HB9CV27 mhz


Antenna HB9CV27 mhz

For 27.5 Mhz: lambda=10.9091 m 1/2 lambda /100=5.5 cm B=73.64 cm
| A=68.18 cm |->Initial values The 'H' Aluminium made

Antenna HB9CV27 mhz

Antenna CB 27 MHz Links

2 or 3 elements yagi 27 mhz
Above is a simple drawing of a 3 elements yagi

3 element yagi for 11meter, I1WQR
Hairpin Matching System antenna convenient way to match the feedpoint impedance of a Yagi antenna with coaxial cable

2 element quad for 11 mt
The spider section of the quad, that which supports the arms, can be very difficult for someone with limited tools and budget

The Long periodic 6 element 26 - 28.000 Mhz
The cross-feed system and the four matched drive elements, make this antenna excellent for 26Mhz strait up to 28Mhz with less than 1:2 in SWR

4 Elements LFA Yagi 27 mhz
Photo scheme for 4 Elements LFA Yagi 27 mhz