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2 or 3 elements yagi 27 mhz


2 or 3 elements yagi 27 mhz

The longst elememets is called a reflector,this side is often called the back of the antennaand although it does reflect the signal coming from the back of the antenna it also has a function in the gain
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Antenna CB 27 MHz Links

Wega 27 multibanda, IZ1DFF
Antenna verticale per gli 11 metri, (Wega 27 ) utilizzando un BALUN 4:1,si puo' untilizzare per le bande amatoriali

Yagi 4 element 27mhz
The proposed model has a gain of 6.4 dBd at a 30-dB ratio at 27.550 MHz

An EH Antenna without Coaxial Feeder Cable
There have been a lot of people who insist that the EH Antenna does not work or even say it cannot work, it is an April Fool

Antenna Moxon Antenna Plan for 27MHz CB
Moxon Antenna 27MHz CB 11 meter, Freeband and lower 28MHz Amateur Radio operation band

Antenna EH autocostruita per i 27 Mhz
E' una versione semplificata dell'antenna EH, infatti prevede una sola bobina di sintonia