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Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU) For 27-MHz CB Radios


Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU) For 27-MHz CB Radios

This antenna tuning unit ATU enables half-wavelength or longer wire antennas to be matched to the 50-ohms antenna input of 27-MHz Citizens Band CB rigs

Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU) For 27-MHz CB Radios

Antenna CB 27 MHz Links

J-Antenne 27MHz
Stick the RG-58 cable into the middle of the feeder cable. Marked laterally for a better understanding

Long yagi 4 elements for 11mt
The antenna is a four elements Long Yagi, installed since last year at 12 meters above the ground

Loop antenna
Half Loop is certainly a familiar antenna to many people. Generally it is a square or a squared screen and most often it comes in the form of a QUAD antenna radiator

Magnetique 27-28 MHz
The critical piece on this type of antenna is always the variable tuning capacitor which is located at the hotspot of the antenna

Normal Mode Helix Antennas for HF Mobile, N2MH
The following table summarizes the data for the various coils I built. All resonant frequencies were measured with an MFJ-259