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2 Element HB9CV Yagi for the 11 meter


2 Element HB9CV Yagi for the 11 meter

The HB9CV Antenna is actualy an Log-preiodic array in it 's simplest form,the transpose - cross-feed system feed the RF-Signal onto the two matched driven elements in 180 dgr

2 Element HB9CV Yagi for the 11 meter

Antenna CB 27 MHz Links

11 Meter long wire27 mhz antenna, NL3ASD
Radiator 215 cm frequency 27.205 MHZ

Dipolo rigido per 10 ed 11 mt
To be used for some outings in the mountains and therefore not bulky and easily transportable, the choice fell on a rigid dipole easy to make

Antena plano de tierra
The measurements of the antenna of the drawing are practical, the whip measures 2.75 mts the complete tube, with everything what goes into the insulation. And the four radials of 2.61m each

Introduction to SWR Testing of CB Antennas
SWR (measured with an SWR meter) shows you how well your coax, antenna mount, ground plane and antenna match the output capability of your CB radio

Dipole antennas for all bands
The dipole Antenna can be easily designed and constructed to be used in the various bands of HF