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4 Elements LFA Yagi - 27 mhz


4 Elements LFA Yagi - 27 mhz

Photo scheme for 4 Elements LFA Yagi 27 mhz

4 Elements LFA Yagi - 27 mhz

Antenna CB 27 MHz Links

Quad hf 5 elements 27.500 mhz
Accord 27.500 MHZ, impedance 50 ohm SWR 1.2

Realisation d'un doublet 27 MHz
It is not always easy to fix a doublet between two high points in a clear place. One solution is to hang the center of the doublet as high as possible and anchor both ends

Skypper spiderbeam 4 elem. 11 meter
Spiderbeam was founded in 2000 by DF4SA, animated by its passion for the portable business

Skypper spiderbeam Mono bande 11 meter
It is an antenna that comes in the form of a spiderweb a bit like a large umbrella type dryer and is remarkably effective. It has a gain of 5 dB and an av - ar ratio of 25 to 30 dB