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Jpole antenna for 27 MHz


Jpole antenna for 27 MHz

Stick the RG-58cable in the middle of the feeder cable, with careful construction adjustment, a SWR of 1.3 can be achieved

Jpole antenna for 27 MHz

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Quadra qubica
Place 1/4 wave 2.62 m of 75 Ohms cable used in collective antennas, weld on the antenna and complete with 50 Ohms cable

Quad 4 element for 11 meter
The boom is 5.7m long 4 bamboo elements

Radiowavz Bazooka CB Dipole Review
The Bazooka Dipoles can be mounted in a variety of positions. Horizontal, Vertical, Slope, or in a inverted V fashion

Skypper o Spyder o Spyderbeam antenna per gli 11 metri
Costruire la crocera centrale utilizzando uno dei 2 giunti a T da 20 mm. ed i 2 pezzi di palo da 30 cm