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Helical Beam 2 element for 27 MHz


Helical Beam 2 element for 27 MHz

Constructed using PVC tubing or water pipe which is available from most hardware stores,driven element 215 cm,director element 206 cm

Helical Beam 2 element for 27 MHz

Antenna CB 27 MHz Links

11 Meter long wire27 mhz antenna, NL3ASD
Length may also not be correlated to the desired wavelength but adapted for convenience

11 meter Moxon Antenna suitable for 27MHz CB
The Moxon antenna has proven popular because of the ease of construction and low cost, but still yields exceptional HF DX results at low

11 meter j pole end fed antenna
Half wave end fed antenna for 11 meters. Can be hung vertically or horizontal. Horizontal is good

27 MHZ 1/2 Wave Dipole
After you have it installed and if you find that the s.w.r. is a little high you can lower it and trim off some wire from the ends of the dipole

4 element yagi for 27 MHz
To model it, I used the excellent YagiMax 3.0 version, which can be downloaded from the download section.