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11 Meter CB Radio J-Pole Antenna


11 Meter CB Radio J-Pole Antenna

The dimensions shown in the diagram are how I built the antenna. Originally these lengths were longer but this is the size that I came up with after tuning the antenna

11 Meter CB Radio J-Pole Antenna

Antenna CB 27 MHz Links

Antenna Loop Magnetica per 27 MHz autocostruita
Loop magnetica produce poca o nulla TVI e la ricezione e' chiara e libera da scariche di origine artificiale

Antenna for 27.305 mhz
Antenna for 27.305 mhz. band of 11 meters. With it you can achieve good communications from your fixed station

Cubica de quadro 3 elementos
Centralized Frequency 27,305 MHz

Dipolo mezz'onda per i 27mHz
La base e' stata ricavata da una5/8 dei 27 MHz

Delta loop 2 elements
Photo 5 element yagi for 27 MHz