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Duplex Antennas

33 MHz diplexer

33 MHz diplexer

This is optional, but the diplexer should be mounted as close to the mixer's IF output as possible
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Antenna Duplex Links

Look on schematic diagramm MFJ duplexer
For connect TX antenna and RX converter i suppose that RX converter has 145 IF Im use old MFJ-916 duplexer with 144/440 label

Micro-Duplexer, KI0AG
A good duplexer can make the difference between hearing AO-27 full quieting and hearing a bunch of muffled static. The main purpose of a duplexer is to separate the transmit and receive signals

Make yourself a Diplexer, VK3ATL
By having to change coax connectors when you change bands? Here's a simple way to do it automatically, with very low loss

Micro Duplexer for 70cm and 2M
The KI0AG Micro Duplexer very small, light weight and ideal to go inside the boom ofthe antenna

Proyector de duplexor para vhf y uhf, CX1DDR
A prototype to see how it came out and here are the results of the experiment