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Duplex Antennas

Home brew a Diplexer

Home brew a Diplexer

By having to change coax connectors when you change bands? Here's a simple way to do it automatically, with very low loss
post 17 Sep 2020

Antenna Duplex Links

Proyecto de duplexor para VHF-UHF, LU1CGB
A duplexer you needed to be able to use the two directional antennas on your single-connector equipment

Six Meter Heliax Duplexer Construction, KF6YB
I have begun to construct the second generation 6 Meter Duplexer based upon the lessons that I have learned by experience

SDR Diplexer, IZ0HCC
2 antenne al mio ricevitore SDR Sdrplay RSP1A mi ha fatto progettare il seguente diplexer

Splitter per HF, IK1QLD
Se fornisco a due ricevitori il segnale captato da un’antenna attraverso un coassiale a 50 Ohm per tramite di un connettore a T, capiteranno delle cose strane, spesso prevedibili

Splitter Distribution of a HF signal on two receivers, DH1TW
Lately I needed a 3dB splitter for a HF 1-30MHz measurement project. Instead of buying me a splitter, I decided to build it on my own