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Duplexer HF-VHF 1,6-150 MHz-UHF 410-480 MHz
post 21 Dec 2021

Antenna Duplex duplexer Links


Duplexer 144-432 MHz
This self-constructing duplexer can be operated in just a few minutes with two 144/435 antennas

4-way Splitter/Combiner
Power splitters are used to combine 2 or more antennas on 1 feedline

HF VHF receiver diplexer
The design is relatively easy, a back to back low pass-high pass filer system with a 50 ohm impedance throughout

Stacking with homemade Power Splitters
The basis of the power splitters-combiners is a construction of a square tube for the outer conductor and a round tube for the inner conductor

Triplexer HF/50 Mhz 144 432 Mhz
To get signals from all directions, without having to constantly rotate the directional antennas

Duplexer 144 - 430 MHz
Low-pass filter 144 MHz and a high-pass filter 430 MHz of higher order