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Antenna Solver

GSovler is a full vector solution of the diffraction grating problem for arbitrarily complex periodic grating structures. GSolver is used extensively in the design of: Thin film stacks, Grating Couplers,Anti-reflection grating structures, Wire grid polarizers,Transmission gratings,Reflection gratings,Grism
post 30 Sep 2020

Antenna Analysis Links


SWR Analyzer Software
There is three possible ways to display the Smith chart. Using “None” will display the values as they are calculated without any algorithm

Simple Spectrum Analyser
If the audio output is fed to a sound card instead of an audio amplifier, the results can be displayed on screen using one of the free audio spectrum analyser programs

Spectrum Analyzer experiments
Due to my GHz experiments I found that I need a Spectrum Analyzer… You can buy one or build one a lot of work. I choose for the last option

The Windows program for analyzing vertical antennas
This program is a graphics type with plots of resistance (R), reactance (jX) and impedance (Z) presented simultaneously as a function of frequency