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Yagi Hackaday

Slight changes in length or the angle between two elements result in a vastly different resonant frequency or a significant change in the antenna's impedance
post 30 Sep 2020

Antenna Analysis Links


Antenna Modeling
Antenna modeling subjects, W4RNL, L.B. Cebik documents and books. Ebooks by on5au

Antenna Solver
GSovler is a full vector solution of the diffraction grating problem for arbitrarily complex periodic grating structures

Analog HF Antenna Analyser
A simple antenna analyser for the HF spectrum with a built-in signal generator with 3-digit LED frequency display. Results are shown on an analog VSWR meter

Analyzing Three Antenna Analyzers
On this page I would like to present some measurements that I made with three of the popular antenna analyzers

Antenna analyzer Misuratore impedenza antenna,IK1PXM
Ho progettato e realizzato, con il minor impegno necessario, un dimostratore del funzionamento diun misuratore di impedenza che utilizza per i calcoli e il pilotaggio display una scheda Arduino2009