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Antenna analyzer Misuratore impedenza antenna

Ho progettato e realizzato, con il minor impegno necessario, un dimostratore del funzionamento diun misuratore di impedenza che utilizza per i calcoli e il pilotaggio display una scheda Arduino2009
post 30 Sep 2020

Antenna Analysis Links


Antenna Maker
It allows to quickly calculate dimensions for Quads antennas, Yagi antenna, Inverted vees antennas as well as J-poles and Traps to extend dipoles band coverage

Antenna Scatterers Analysis Program
A Free general-purpose user-oriented free software program for numerical electromagnetic antenna design, antenna modeling, and/or antenna analysis specifically

Antenna Solver
GSovler is a full vector solution of the diffraction grating problem for arbitrarily complex periodic grating structures

Design and build helix antennas
The need for the construction of an antenna with circular polarization was presented