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Traps-about antenna traps

It contains measurements of traps, performance of trap antennas using models of traps, and ideas on how to make trap antennas more efficient
post 22 Sep 2020

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Rebuilding Yagi Traps
I opened the traps and found the two driven element traps broken and the 10m coils blackened

Simple Building and Tuning of Traps
Traps are useful for multiband operating of all kinds of antennas

Set-up di misura per tappole
The multiband short balcony dipole is finished. It's 2 meters long, has large capacity hats, requires no ground plane, and can be tuned, by tapping coils, for perfect SWR on 40m, 30m, and 20m

Some hints/tips on how to assemble nice COAX TRAPS
Coax traps are cheap, easy to assemble in a reproducible manner, very rugged, perfect for portable or permanent operation, on dipoles, inverted-V's etc