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Build a 12/17 Meter Trap Dipole

Why a 12/17 meter rotatable dipole? Well, many folks have verticals for the lower bands, and multi-band dipoles or beams for 20-, 15-, and 10 meters. But often you don’t have an antenna for the 17-and 12-meter bands
post 23 Sep 2020

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Cool It
I have owned an AT-AUTO since they were first released and its given good service. One area that it let me down was 10M

Current Through a 75m Bugcatcher Loading Coil
Many experiments and measurements have been made on loading coils using net standing wave current

Costruire tappole per hf
Con questo articolo vorrei descrivere la sequenza delle operazioni che solitamente svolgo quando costruisco le trappole per le bande HF

Come misurare le trappole con l'analizzatore d'antenna
Studiare un sistema accoppiato d'antenne mi sono imbattuto nell'arcinoto modo di tagliare un coassiale esattamente lambda/4

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