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RF Inductance Calculator

Mean diameter of the air core coil, measured from conductor centre to conductor centre include the wire insulation thickness, if any
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La nobile arte di costruire le trapple Hf
L'operazione di sintonizzazione avviene scostando tra loro, leggermente, le spire dell'induttore

Tuning an LF antenna a variometer is used in series
Tuning an LF antenna can be tricky. An antenna that's much shorter than a quarter wavelength will have a high Q and consequently a narrow bandwidth

Single-layer Coil Inductance and Q
This single-layer coil inductance calculator uses the Lundin's formula [5] for which the maximum relative error is stated to be less than 3 ppm

Air Core Inductor Inductance Calculator
Calculates the inductance of an air core inductor

Antenna Trap Design
Enter desired frequency MHz, Results inductance L uH Capacitance C pF