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40M Triangular Full-Wave Vertical Loop Antenna

My Favorite Loop Antenna Add the Missing Leg to that Inverted-L Antenna
post 25 Sep 2020

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Build a 12/17 Meter Trap Dipole
Why a 12/17 meter rotatable dipole? Well, many folks have verticals for the lower bands, and multiband dipoles or beams for 20, 15, and 10 meters. But often you don't have an antenna for the 17and 12 meter bands

Trap Dipole for 17, 12 and 6 Metre Amateur Bands
His garden is only 50ft 15,24m long x 28ft 8,53m wide. This Aerial is still used for the 160, 80, 40 bands. In January 2015, John constructed another Trap resonated on 5,373MHz and inserted it between the 3,7MHz and 7,15MHz Traps to allow operation on the 60 Metre Band

40 & 80 m Portable Trapped Dipole
Loking at the sketch above, when working 40 m only the red wires are part of the antenna but when using 80 m the red and purple wires are the antenna

Wire trap for 12m WARC band
Le trappole per cavi sono economiche, facili da assemblare in modo riproducibile, ma possono essere fragili meccanicamente facilmente deformabili per operazioni permanenti, su dipoli, V invertiti ecc.