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160-80-40m TRAP Dipol Antenna

Our antenna consists of three parts. The 9.82m section operates on the 40m Band and is terminated with 40m TRAP Trap. 3.35m section works in 80m band and ends with 80m TRAP
post 26 Sep 2020

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High-Q Coil Construction Techniques
High-Q coil inductors have something in common: the length of the coil can only be slightly longer than its diameter. In other words, high-Q coils have cube-like dimensions

Homebrew Your Own Inductors
Air-dielectric inductors can be made quite easily at home

Helical Coil
The inductance and self capacitance of a helical coil can be determined by entering its dimensions in the boxes above. The length of wire used is also calculated

Jar Capacitance Calculator For Coils
This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. The purpose of the calculator is to determine the capacitance value of the jar capacitor needed for the circuit's coil

Le mie sloper per 80/160 Lunghe solo MT. 17,50
Una trappola per gli 80mt con del filo di 2 mm avvolgendo 40 spire su un diam. di 50 mm e spaziate 3 mm interponendo un condensatore da 100Pf 10 kv