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A dipole modified, now 5 bands & no tuner

Never has there been a more true, tried and tested design for 40/80m than the w3dzz
post 28 Sep 2020

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Antenna Matching Coil Adjustment Procedure
This article describes a specific procedure to adjust a shunt matching coil to assure that the input SWR will remain relatively low

Construction de Trappes
In search of a software for the hatches: Coaxial-traps. Why also coaxial hatches? I chose this system, because not having 1.5 mm² copper wires to use, I had however a lot of cable 75 ohm coaxial for CCTV

Low-loss wire traps
Wire traps do exhibit a high Q-factor so are in theory less lossy compared to coax traps, but are NOT SUITED for high power 200w

Calculator Inductance of a single layer Air core Coil by KB5RYO