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10m Antenna Bazooka

This one is built with cheap carol RG-6. This coax has a single aluminum shield without the waterproofing glue
post 16 Dec 2020

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Calculo da Antena Bazooka
A double bazooka antenna is a combination that has a full coaxial wave multiplied by its velocity factor

Coaxial Antennas
Simple horizontal dipole with each half comprising RG58 coaxial cable about 35 inches 900mm long

Coaxial antennna
A coaxial antenna is a variant of the dipole antenna, designed for use with an unbalanced feed line

Coaxial Dipole Double Bazooka
The coaxial dipole antenna consists of a half-wavelength section of coax line with the shield opened a the center and feed line attached to the open ends of the shield