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Antena Doble Bazooka 80 metros

The formula is 140.2 / fMhz = total length 99.06 / fMhz = length of the coaxial 20.57 / fMhz = length of each side of flat ribbon
post 16 Dec 2020

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The Double Bazooka Dipole
This antenna consists of coax RG58 with the shield split at the center and the feedline attached to the open ends

The Broadband Double-Bazooka
The increasing interest in usingthe coaxial dipole sometimescalled the Double-Bazooka antenna for its questionable increased bandwidth is disturbing

Double Bazooka for 10m
Simple double bazooka works well, designed for 28.5 MHz, is wide enough to cover the entire 10 m band

Antena Doble Bazooka 40 metros