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Bazooka Dipol

Bazooka is a special antenna form. It receives very little ambient noise. That's what makes them so attractive in these times. It is also called a coaxial antenna because it is made of coaxial cable
post 16 Dec 2020

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Antena doble Bazooka para 80 metros
similar size to that of a dipole. It will not take up more space extraordinary sensitivity Significantly improves reception Impedance 50 ohms

Antena Monobanda bazooka para Hf dipolo coaxial
Bazooka antenna is a half wave monoband antenna, similar to the dipole but built in a different way, with coaxial antenna sleeves RG 58 U or RG 8. Therefore it is also known as a coaxial dipole antenna

Antenne monobande bazooka
You can use 75 ohm full dielectric cable with the same values, the descent is done in 75 ohms

Aka Double Bazooka
The first HF antenna I put up was a coaxial dipole, the concept was developed by MIT. Electrically it is very different to a conventional dipole

Antenna Bazooka
How to make a Bazooka for balanced output