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Bazooka mono band antenna


Bazooka mono band antenna

75 ohm full dielectric cable can be used with the same values, the descent is then in 75 ohms
post 24 Nov 2019

Bazooka mono band antenna

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Calculo da Antena Bazooka
A double bazooka antenna is a combination that has a full coaxial wave multiplied by its velocity factor

Coaxial Antennas, G3TXQ
Simple horizontal dipole with each half comprising RG58 coaxial cable about 35 inches 900mm long

Coaxial antennna
A coaxial antenna is a variant of the dipole antenna, designed for use with an unbalanced feed line

Coaxial Dipole Double Bazooka
The coaxial dipole antenna consists of a half-wavelength section of coax line with the shield opened a the center and feed line attached to the open ends of the shield

Doubla bazooka coaxil dipole antenna
A typical, dipole antenna has bandwidth of about 50 to 100 KHz