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Double Bazooka for 10m


Double Bazooka for 10m

The antenna works fine, designed for 28.5MHz it is broadband enough to cover the full 10m band
post 24 Nov 2019

Double Bazooka for 10m

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Meter Sleeve Dipole Antenna
This is an off-center-fed sleeve dipole, made of 1/2 CPVC and aluminum foil tape

The Double Bazooka Dipole, KC0KJF
About The Antenna, the Double Bazooka Dipole is a very efficient single band antenna which is very quite,and does not require the use of a balun. This antenna consists of coax RG58

The Little Stick Antenna for 2 Meters, VE3VDC
Little Stick antenna is an aluminium version of the Vertical Bazooka design which was made from coax

The Vertical Bazooka Antenna
The antenna itself is an off-center fed vertical dipole made by flipping an electrical quarter wavelength of braid back over the outside of the coax

Bazooka Antenna Calculator