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Coaxial Antennas bazooka


Coaxial Antennas bazooka

Constructed using coaxial cable elements of reducing their size by exploiting the Velocity Factor of the cable. using typical 50 Ohm coax cable it might shrink an antenna to 66% its full size value
post 24 Nov 2019

Coaxial Antennas bazooka

Antenna Bazzoka Links

10m Bazooka, WD9N
This antenna up on my 21 foot telephone pole to test it and it has 1.5:1 SWR

Open Wire Feeder Construction
On the cable ends you do not need to use twin lead. You can make these antennas using a single piece of 12 gauge

Antenne double-bazooka, F4FAA
A description for the construction of a double-bazooka antenna

The Vertical Bazooka Antenna
The antenna itself is an off-center fed vertical dipole made by flipping an electrical quarter wavelength of braid back over the outside of the coax

The Little Stick Antenna for 2 Meters, VE3VDC
Very compact, only a meter tall on 2 meters no ground radials needed fairly broad bandwidth