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Coaxial dipole antenna 128 MHz


Coaxial dipole antenna 128 MHz

The antenna is known as a double bazooka design and is very popular with radio amateurs who make it for 144-146mhz FM operations
post 24 Nov 2019

Coaxial dipole antenna 128 MHz

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Double bazooka coaxial dipole broad-band, W5BGP
The inside sections, do not radiate, but act as quarter-wave shorted stubs which presents high resistive impedance to the feed point at resonance and tends to cancel reactance as frequence off resonant frequencies

Double Bazooka Dipole, N4WRE
consist of a half wavelength piece of coax RG58 with the shield split at the center and the feedline attached to the open ends

Antenne double-bazooka, F4FAA
The double-bazooka consists of 1/2 lambda of coaxial cable cut at its center or twice 1/4 lambda

Double bazooka Antennen, OE9MHV
My measurements that I used successfully: Band: Coaxial length: 30m 9.77m 2.03m (30cm longer left to vote) 40m 13.99m 2.904m (30cm longer to vote) 80m 26.77m 5.41m

Double Bazooka for 10m, DL1GSJ
Simple double bazooka works well, designed for 28.5 MHz, is wide enough to cover the entire 10 m band